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What is latchkey services?

Callin All Paws LLC offers “latchkey” services to all clients. Latchkey services are similar to maid services, dog walkers, and home care professionals coming into the home to perform services while you are away. This service is wonderful for anyone who isn’t able to meet us at home for the appointment or simply wants this for convenience. This service is available to the clients after two grooms.

The client provides Callin All Paws LLC with three options, a key on file, a garage door opener, or some other form of access to your pet or home.

Callin All Paws LLC then comes to your pet/home on your pets scheduled grooming appointment and performs all grooming duties for your pet. Payment is pre arranged or prepaid. We can setup a credit card on file for even further added convenience. Should any issues arise you will be notified and any additional charges will be discussed before moving forward.